Premier Practice Solutions, LLC is a medical billing and practice management company based in San Antonio, Texas, serving doctors and other medical professionals. Our mission is to give you the freedom to focus on delivering quality patient care by providing professional revenue cycle management services that are timely, accurate, reliable, cost effective, and confidential. We view ourselves as an extension of your practice and a member of your team. Our goal is to maximize your revenue and increase profitability for your practice.

We understand the complexities you face when dealing with insurance companies and costly in-house billing solutions. We are confident we can maximize your insurance reimbursements and collections while providing you with the confidentiality, transparency, responsiveness, client service, and professionalism you deserve.




Maximize Revenue: Our experience has shown that practices moving from an in-house to an outsourced solution generally increase revenue by up to 20%. This is achieved by decreasing the number of rejected claims, expediting receipt of insurance payments, maximizing reimbursements, and dedicated denial management.

Reduce Costs: In-house billing solutions are costly and require diligent management. The human resource, clearing house, and technology costs required to have a successful in-house solution continue to rise. Leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of a billing company is cost effective.

Improve Profitability: Changes in the healthcare industry require thorough and prudent financial management of your practice. A reputable billing company aligns its goals with yours and works to improve your bottom-line by providing you with a solution that maximizes revenue and reduces costs.

Reliable Service: When billing staff leaves unexpectedly, your claims processing will inevitably be affected and your collections may suffer. Outsourcing gives you the peace of mind that your revenue cycle management will not be interrupted by unforeseen circumstances.

Financial Confidentiality: Financial information is private and sensitive in nature. With an outsourced solution you can limit your staff’s exposure to your revenue and other confidential financial information.

Reduce Risk: In-house billing solutions require constant oversight and can be risky. Your staff’s focus should be on patient care and running a smooth practice. Using a billing company reduces the risk that your practice may experience fraud due to a staff member.